Relevant Points From The 2016 San Francisco Advanced Sustainable Development Conference

A lot of ideas and innovations were shared and learned during the 2016 San Francisco Advanced Sustainable Development Conference. The purpose of uniting innovators in information tech, health, social and environmental sector, and the economy as a whole was achieved. Market leaders shared breakthrough research, new methods in brand strategy, design, and sustainability. They were also joined by other global leaders and companies who were eager to discover new case studies and implementation techniques to increase business success. The participants, on the other hand, were in a win-win situation, as they were able to listen to excellent keynote speakers from different areas in advanced sustainable development.




The second goal of the organizers was to be able to gather evidence-based solutions that are in conjunction with and supportive of the sustainable development goals. The United Nations assumed these goals in 2015 to concentrate on global efforts to solve environmental and social problems.


Sustainable Development Through Eco-Districts

One of the solutions that came up was the concept of ‘eco-districts.’ And just last summer, the San Francisco Planning Sector publicly announced their plan to construct four types of eco-districts within the city that would help decrease waste, energy, and water consumption. This idea was adopted from cities who have been using the method for quite some time now, namely, Seattle, Boston, and Austin. San Francisco, however, vows to combine manpower and infrastructure better to increase efficiency.

Overall, the ultimate goal of San Francisco’s proposed eco-districts is to attain the goals of the Climate Action Plan of the city to see a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.



San Francisco is considered one of the most conscious American cities. Residents of the city enjoy their habit of recycling, and companies have assumed sustainable methods that they can use so that they are ahead of the other cities in terms of development.



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