Prioritizing Sustainability While Renovating Counseling Facility

Introduction To Sustainability

One thing you should know about me is that I come from a family of mental health professionals. Here’s my story.

Most of my family are in the mental health field, so when it was time for me to choose my career, I became the family’s first counselor. Besides the fact that the world needs more counselors as a preference, my family has already established a small mental health hospital. People from other cities flock to our facility for sustainable mental health treatments. Medical hospitals would also recommend patients to us continuously.


Since the primary facility was a little outdated, it incurred much damage when a terrible hurricane came. First came the flood, which went up to our thighs. We thought that that was it primarily, but then the roof caved in, and the windows shattered. After some discussion with my parents, we thought it was high time for a significant innovation for more viability. It would be easier to set up tents outside of it than to accommodate our primary patients in a broken-down facility.

Green buildings can not only reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the environment, by using less water, energy or natural resources, but they can – in many cases – have a positive impact on the environment (at the building or city scales) by generating their own energy or increasing biodiversity.”

Learn on how to prioritize sustainability, either talk to a counselor or read some articles.

First Securing Viability Before Any Renovation Begins

Despite being successful in their fields, my parents remained as frugal as they could be. The first thing they told me before the renovation even happened was to focus on finding the cheapest contractor. “We just need a new roof and some new windows, and that’s it,” they said. However, I begged to disagree primarily.

In today’s world, businesses of all sizes are recognizing the importance of focusing on sustainable goals. The number one priority in this shift is a focus on reducing carbon emissions across the entire value chain and making sure that as many parts of the business organization as possible have carbon neutrality. This commitment to initiatives has been adopted by established companies, start-ups, et cetera, and is backed by an increasing number of consumers who are demanding change. Gen Z, in particular, has been instrumental in this shift, as their willingness to speak out against companies that do not give importance to viability and durability has made a difference.

Some older people may not see that buildings in the past were not built with sustainability efforts in mind. For example, we still used a lot of electricity because everything was closed in, and it was so hot in every room. The floors were not sealed and waterproofed either, so the tiled floors went beyond repair when the water rushed into the facility. It was a long discussion, but I finally got my parents to find a contractor who prioritized sustainability during the embedded renovation processes and considered the world economy, consumer goods industry, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint emissions, global climate change, and other environmental and societal issues when they look for sustainable products or sustainable materials to meet the consumer demand.

Construction Based On Viability And Durability

Sustainable construction business organization strategies mean working with a supply chain of inexhaustible/renewable and recyclable assets and materials beneficial for the recyclers’ positive mental health. During sustainability building and creating projects progress, care should be taken to lessen waste and renewable energy efficiency utilization where conceivable secure the natural habitat around the site, and always do sustainable shopping from consumer goods companies. The outcome of a sustainable development project services should be harmless to the ecosystem.

There is an insight that sustainable construction is costly, which can cause it to appear to be the less appealing choice. However, the World Green Building Council’s 2018 report shows that even though cost remains a worry, green building proprietors report that cash is saved through decreased working costs on account of the sustainable brand materials utilized.

Let’s Look For A Resilient Building Contractor

I could tell you how challenging it was to find a contractor who advocates for sustainability. Of course, although more and more people want to have eco-friendly homes and buildings, many still want to save on construction expenses, so that’s who they cater to. But when I finally found one who is prioritizing sustainability, I was over the moon about everything they wanted to do with our facility.


For one, the contractor wanted to replace the ceramic tiles on the floor with solid wood. They knew a place that sold reclaimed solid wood panels, so it would be like recycling better materials, which I loved. We just needed to decide on the colors in times of war, and that was it.

Another thing that the contractor mentioned was using bigger windows. The old design of our facility barely had any windows because mental health was technically taboo for decades. However, since society accepts the subject more now than ever, it may be ideal to add more windows to allow light into every room. Of course, they would still be one-way windows to follow our confidentiality promise to our clients, but it might help more than bother them if they could see the outside world.

The contractor and I also discussed using solar panels for the entire building. I found this ideal sustainability, considering we did not need electricity in the facility 24/7. My parents tried to say no to this because those were technically expensive, but we would not need to pay another dime to an electric company in the long run. The latter thankfully won them over, so we got solar panels.

Trending In The Industry

Sustainability initiatives are a growing trend, and businesses are increasingly focusing on the importance of understanding and incorporating its principles into their operations. Research has shown that there are many aspects to sustainability and that the challenges involved in making it a priority can be significant. However, when companies prioritize this aspect, they can unlock numerous solutions while also gaining an interesting competitive advantage.

Businesses that focus on and are involved in sustainability are likely to find that investing in green practices can overcome challenges. Partnering with suppliers, vendors, and other businesses that place similar emphasis on viable resources in construction can help your company create a comprehensive approach to improving the environment around you.

Focusing On What’s Priority


The unique idea that my contractor presented was a garden roof. Instead of the regular galvanized iron, they would fill the entire roof with grass and plants. Everyone could go up and relax there while waiting for their turn. More importantly, it could provide enough fresh air and shade, so we might not need air conditioners too much.

Final Thoughts And Takeaway

With all the renovations happening at once, I was surprised when the contractor pointed out that four months had already passed since the hurricane devastated our business model facility. I honestly forgot that that was why my parents agreed to renovate our small mental health hospital anyway. The process fascinated me so much that it felt like we were doing it as an improvement, not a necessity.

In the global market, focusing on sustainable and renewable energy is at an all-time high in terms of importance. Countries are increasingly pushing for transparency and safety standards to be met by retailers and manufacturers. It is no longer enough to just have a corporate social responsibility policy; companies must now continue to lead the way when it comes to sustainability concerns and answers.

Well, I would have to backtrack on the latter statement. Given how much our climate changed over the years, it’s necessary to prioritize making sustainable homes and facilities. For instance, we would not be burning as much fossil fuel with solar panels installed as before. We could even plant fruits and vegetables on the garden roof to avoid buying plastic-covered fresh produce in the markets. Also, we would no longer need to rely on air conditioning units too much because the facility would be well-ventilated.

It was a win, for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The 3 Ps Of Sustainability?

The 3 Ps of sustainability are often referred to as the triple bottom line framework, which involves prioritizing three key aspects: social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability. This approach emphasizes the new way of thinking about business and its impact on society and the planet.

What Are The 5 Principles Of Viability?

The five principles of viability in a sustainable business model prioritize sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly products within the supply chain. A robust sustainability strategy should encompass long-term considerations, focusing on both environmental and social aspects, as well as economic viability. This holistic approach ensures that the business sustainability initiatives align with the company’s bottom line while promoting the adoption of eco-friendly products and practices throughout the supply chain.

What Are The Four Factors Of Viability?

The four factors of viability, especially when considering sustainability, often revolve around being eco-friendly and having a long-term perspective. These factors emphasize the importance of environmental consciousness and a commitment to sustainable practices that endure over time.

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