Globalization Of Education

Globalization is shaping the world today, embracing the coming in of new knowledge.  Like any other form of advancement, it has its pros and cons.  Harnessing all the goods it can afford a country will benefit everybody, may it be in the industry, trades, education, health, and other cultural, economic, and social aspects.


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The Reality Of Living The American Dream

Everybody dreams of living the American dream.  It is a life of prosperity and freedom, where your rights are respected, and success, fame, and money are within your reach— a life of decency where equal opportunity and equality awaits you.   The American dream seems easy to attain with hard work and perseverance as long as you have the skills, ability, or achievement, in spite of what social class you belong to or circumstances you are born with.


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How Are Poor Countries Going To Adapt With Globalization?



Globalization has profoundly affected our lives in many ways we couldn’t imagine from years back.  It has caused a significant change from the movement of the economy, protection of the environment, the way we business is done, and how we connect and reach out to people away from us.

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Eradicate Culture Of Poverty By Providing People Higher Level Of Education (Flipping The Pyramid)

It’s already the new millennium, but it feels to me like we are still living in the old times where pyramid rules.  People on top of the pyramid, the few elites, rule over those who are working the hardest but still stay at the bottom.  Isn’t it time to flip the pyramid?

Can’t we equitably share and enjoy the comfort of being on the higher level?

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Economic Development Depend On Higher Education

Lack of education is what dipped people into poverty.  Low-income families work so hard to send at least one member of their family to school and finish a college degree.   They believe it’s their ticket to a better life.  For them, a college degree equates better high-paying jobs and more opportunities.


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