The Anatomy Of A Wooden Pallet


A wooden pallet is among the most underrated materials on the planet, in the sense that people only remember them when they think of tending to the family garden or using it for a DIY project. In reality, however, this flat structure has an excellent use for the manufacturing industry, considering it is typically made from recycled objects. That effectively diminishes the amount of waste in the ecosystem by more than 60% and provides the much-needed tools for stacking purposes.

Who Needs Pallets?

Various companies and warehouses need wooden racks to manage their everyday business. When you mass produce glasses, bottles, canned goods, and other things that have a value for the consumers, after all, they should be in open crates for final checking before getting transported to the stores.


As mentioned above, DIY and gardening enthusiasts may find wooden pallets useful too. For instance, you can make a display shelf or even a table out of them. Instead of putting plants in different pots, it may be economical to place them in a single rack.

How Are Pallets Created?

The recyclable woods go through a series of automated machines, which assemble and nail the pieces together, polish their edges, and pile the final products in a neat manner. Aside from those, sorting equipment separates the items with defects. The quality control personnel will then decide if the rejected piece needs to undergo the production process once more or not.


Now, there are two types of pallet, depending on the notches that they have. The simple distinction between them is that the two-way rack can only be lifted by a forklift through the front and back, while the four-way pallet is moveable through all sides. A pallet that has been correctly made begins with the 48-inch stringer boards forming a rectangle and ends by adding the 40-inch deck boards in the middle.

How Can Pallet Recycling Aid The Ecosystem?

Since oak and southern yellow pine are the common woods used to create a pallet, it stands to reason that a lot of trees are involved in making them. Often, these racks become broken due to the heft of the goods that they have to hold for an extended period. Some tend to lose nails over time as well and have gaps in between.




The thing is, there are now corporations that can recondition the damaged pallets and make them usable again. Denver Co Pallets for Sale, in particular, generates thousands of recycled pallets to their clients regularly. With only a few tools, the old racks get transformed into something new without destroying the environment. If we are honest, that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Why Are Wooden Pallets Better Than The Plastic Pallets?

The wooden pallets have more significance in the industry compared to their synthetic counterpart since they are produced from biodegradable materials. Meaning to say, they will not turn up in the sewers one day and cause flooding in the cities. They are unlikely to increase the content of landfills on the planet as well. Aside from that, you can always plant extra trees to replace the ones that have been cut in the past to make wooden pallets.


When it comes to plastic pallets, you cannot fully restore the ozone layer that becomes polluted with greenhouse gases that originate from their factories. The amount of items you may load in one is limited too, considering the plastic might crack if its contents are too heavy.

What Are The Perks Of Using Wooden Pallets?

A pallet is necessary to keep many items separated so that they do not get broken or crushed during shipment. The normal size for one is about 48 x 40 inches, entailing that you can place dozens of small plants in it, as well as other things.


Folks love using wooden pallets as well for the reason that they are not as expensive as the other materials. Buying a ready-made one can cost you approximately seven bucks these days. In case you want to sample your woodworking skills, the price might lessen further.

Furthermore, once you have a few pallets, it may not be necessary to purchase more even if one breaks. You can repair it quickly with some nails and a hammer, you see. You don’t need to be a pro to be able to do that. Thus, your budget won’t get affected by it.

To Sum Things Up

Wooden pallets provide convenience not only for the various types of companies that utilize them to ensure that their products will be in perfect condition on and before the shipment date. Their repairability is also beneficial for the ecosystem, thus embodying the truth that any broken object can be reimagined and transformed into something useful if you have the drive to do so.

Whether you own a garden or deliver goods for a living, you should consider replacing your plastic pallets with wooden ones now.