Eradicate Culture Of Poverty By Providing People Higher Level Of Education (Flipping The Pyramid)

It’s already the new millennium, but it feels to me like we are still living in the old times where pyramid rules.  People on top of the pyramid, the few elites, rule over those who are working the hardest but still stay at the bottom.  Isn’t it time to flip the pyramid?

Can’t we equitably share and enjoy the comfort of being on the higher level?

Awakening From Watching Industrialized and More Developed Countries

Standard of education reflects a nation’s political, economic, and social system.

Being able to educate your people is a sign that your country has reached the point of awakening where education is essential to empower your people.   Empowered and the educated population can rebuild the nation to the path of economic, social, and political growth.


Families of industrialized and developed countries (which actually are very few) have a high standard of living and are also able to educate their children, sending them to better schools and universities, enabling them to enroll in courses only the rich and powerful can afford.

Families from underdeveloped nations suffer from the pedagogy of indifference.  The reason is not that they don’t value education, but more because they can’t afford it. The government or the system still don’t accept the fact that everybody is entitled to a higher education they deserve.


Indifference In The Quality Of Education

India is now pushing for better and higher learning for all its people.  The government is now starting to realize that higher learning is the answer for them to become a high-quality society.

India has been considered as an industrialized country along with Brazil and China but still considered a third-world country or less economically developed country.

But with their campaign to push higher education, they believe they’re on the right path.  That education is their investment for social development, the key to becoming a knowledge society, way to empower their new breed of trained and skilled minds.

To fight against the indifference in quality of education your people receive is the appropriate behavior to eradicate the culture of poverty.  The lower the poverty rate, the more your nation is recognized in the world that demands social and economic advancement. You can find some similar articles in these websites: and


Culture Of Poverty

Less developed countries must aim to overcome the culture of poverty mindset to beat poverty.

People in the upper portion of the pyramid are aware of this.  But why are they not doing anything?  Simple. The powerful want to rule over the powerless.

It’s a sad reality.  There are still those in power who wants their people to remain ignorant and uneducated to make them more vulnerable.  Keeping them poor and ignorant will make it easier for the government to manipulate them.  Let’s admit it, government plays a role in creating and keeping their people poor.  The few who rules won’t make any move that will raise awareness or people will go against them.

If the government has the power to keep them poor, it’s also the government who can take them out of the pit of poverty and ignorance.


Programs, Policies, And Regulations To Receive Higher Education Must Be Implemented

The government has drafted policies, strong regulations, and programs that are aiming to push for a higher quality of education for all who wants it.  The problem lies in the implementation, as always.

Education is the best investment to empower people to have the knowledge and skills to thrive in the highly competitive globalization.  Highly educated minds working together will place everyone’s living condition at a higher level, be it in social, economic, political, or health.

If the government will treat people with some fairness, educate them so they can provide well for themselves, imagine how wonderful, though not perfect, this world would be.



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